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It is worth clarifying that "Calendly Scheduling" (The Shopify App) is a completely seperate seperate service to - is an event booking service, and "Calendly Scheduling" is a Shopify App designed to integrate that service into Shopify.

The cost of Calendly Scheduling (The Shopify App) is currently $4 / month.

The cost of itself varies from free to $12 / month depending on what plan is chosen.

Getting Started

Once you have signed up for a Calendly account, there are 2 steps to get up and Running with Calendly Scheduling:

  1. Create a new Calendly Event
  2. Add Event to your Shopify store

In addition to the above, see below for more information regarding:

Creating an event in Calendly

Note: Video below assumes you have setup an account at and logged in.

Adding event to your Shopify store

Manually Embedding a Widget

A popup link can be embedded anywhere in your site that is editable using the Shopify Rich text editor (such as a page, a product description or blog post). See screenshots below for instructions:

  1. Open the page / product / blog post where you would like to have the popup link
  2. Switch from Rich Text to HTML editor by clicking the “<>” button
  3. Paste the embed code below at your chosen location
  4. Modify the word "book" to anything else you would prefer, then click save

Asking for Payment

Calendly has it's own Payment Gateway integrations which do NOT utilize the Shopify checkout. This offers a very streamlined booking process, but does require an additional gateway to be setup. Information on these integrations can be found at Calendly PayPal integration and Calendly Stripe Integration.


If you no longer need Calendly Scheduling, uninstallation is very simple:

  • Select Widget
  • Delete Widget
  • Uninstall App
  • 1. Delete any widgets you have created: From the App home page, click on the first widget to open the widgets settings page. Find the button "Delete widget" towards the bottom of the page and click it. Repeat until all widgets have been removed.

  • 2. Uninstall App: Navigate to you main Apps page by clicking the "Apps" link in your Shopify dashboard. Find Calendly Scheduling, click the trash icon to the right hand side of it, and confirm deletion.

Get in touch

Can't find the answers you need above? If you have any questions about Calendly scheduling (The Shopify App) please don't hesitate to drop us a line via our contact form.

Alternatively, if you need help with Calendly itself, you can contact Calendly via their support page here

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